Licensee Alliance Program

Easy 5 Step Process

  1. Consultation to discuss goals and expectations of potential licensee
  2. Review and approve licensee application
  3. DMR Licensee Testing (personality tests, background check, credit check and drug test)
  4. DMR Licensee initial supply checklist
  5. Licensee Management Training Program

These are the four advantages to become a trusted DMR Licensee

  • DMR Brand Equity
    With DMR’s reputation, references and testimonials, potential clients will immediately feel your business is trustworthy and credible. Trust and credibility is vitally important and translates into shorter and easier sales cycles. Licensees will grow their business exponentially faster creating prosperity.
  • DMR Lead Generation
    DMR Accounting Alliance was strategically designed to generate sales leads for our new licensees. This approach will allow you a jump start to building your business. As you develop referrals and generate new leads from your personal connections, DMR gives you the opportunity to be billable and profitable from the beginning.
  • DMR Support
    DMR has already created all the branding, marketing collateral and technology needed for you to begin your business today. We have researched the market, developed strategic marketing and advertising campaigns and are continually generating new lead generation programs for your success. The cost of starting your business is more affordable, saving you time and money. Also, DMR has already established trusted vendors and first class back office software, hardware and many other professional research resources.
  • DMR Training
    DMR Certified Accountants™ and DMR Certified Bookkeepers™ are required to follow stringent training and leadership programs which provide consistent quality amongst all employees and licensees. With ongoing technical support and the CPA mentor program, licensees’ and employees’ will have the confidence to uncover solutions for each client challenge that arises.

If you are interested in joining our Licensee Alliance Program or would like more information, please send an email to