Alliance Program

Our clients rely on our knowledge, expertise and integrity to guide and support them in managing their business’ financial and technological future. The DMR Alliance Program enables consulting professionals to be part of a supportive organization based on shared ideals of integrity and ethical values in order to better serve our clients today and tomorrow. As a member of the DMR Alliance program, accounting professionals will share, learn and enhance their financial experience and knowledge.

As a network of talented independent financial professionals, DMR Accounting & Consulting offers your clients the benefit of working with other talented specialists within the DMR network, allowing you to compete profitably with larger firms. We understand and respect the entrepreneurial spirit and want to work with others that share the same beliefs and passions. To help you achieve your growth goals, DMR offers these services and programs to our alliance members.

Licensee Alliance Program

DMR Accounting & Consulting licensee is able to use the DMR brand, trademark, marketing materials and business model to start or restructure their own accounting/business consulting company. The licensee remains its own entity, while sharing the respected DMR brand and guiding business principles. To ensure the success of DMR Accounting & Consulting customers, we have developed control systems to guide clients and licensees to success.

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CPA Apprenticeship Program

Guiding future CPAs is an important duty of DMR Accounting & Consulting. With the CPA mentor program, DMR helps individuals fulfill their CPA sponsor requirements as well as provide real world hands on training in the accounting and business world.

Law Firm and Management Consulting Alliances

DMR Accounting & Consulting was developed to engage in agreements between other CPA firms, law firms, information technology and marketing professionals to exchange unique services that are needed by clients of all parties.

Other Products

  • Balance Sheet Notebook* System Training & Materials™
  • Client Support
  • Training
  • Technology (Website, offsite server storage, etc.)
  • Marketing and Branding Materials (Business Cards, Letterhead, Note Cards, etc.)

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