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  • Clear Direction, Steady Support  We meet people where they are, demystifying the accounting process, gently eroding fears, and transforming lives from floundering to flourishing.
  • Invest in Your Success  We expect all stakeholders to take ownership of their part co-creating our mutual success.
  • We’re 100% ALL IN – We treasure all our relationships. We show up fully, powerfully, honestly, collaboratively and courageously.
  • Teamwork makes the Dream Work – We recognize our interconnectedness and the power of a positive and nurturing environment. We call forth and celebrate the highest potential of all.
  • Above & Beyond – We deliver exceptional, comprehensive solutions in an accurate, responsible and pro-active manner.
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Happy New Year!

We hope you are looking forward to a prosperous 2024! Our team is ready to support you and all of your business needs this year!

Shout out…

We’re excited to begin this new year and want to take a moment to once again thank you, our valued client. We love working with each one of you! To those who were able to join us for the 15th Anniversary celebration, it was wonderful to chat and mingle with you. And, for those who could not make it, you were truly missed! We hope to see everyone again in person in the near future.

Important Tax Deadlines…

As always, the start of the new year brings tax deadlines. This year we’ve made a convenient table for important due dates.  

For 2023 calendar year tax returns due in 2024, the following dates will apply.

Texas Franchise Tax

Annual Texas franchise tax reports are due Wednesday, May 15, 2024. There are distinctions between Non-EFT and EFT Franchise Taxpayers. You can see more information on the Texas Comptroller tax page.

You can also see this article from Intuit with deadlines and detailed guidance for each one. The primary resource for each taxpayer is the IRS Publication 509.

Important Tax Preparation News…

The IRS has prepared guidance to help you get ready to file your 2023 federal income tax return. It includes information on what’s new and what to consider when you file. Take small steps to get organized now in order to file your return on time and with less stress.

Standard Mileage Rate Increase…

The IRS increased the standard mileage rate to 67 cents per mile for 2024. You can read the details here.

Ease into 2024… 

With the rush of holidays behind us, January is a great time to renew, replenish, and make self-care a priority. Here are a couple of inspirations as you make plans for 2024.

This article by Leo Babauta goes into the details of being intentional with your time. A worthwhile read as you decide what you want to accomplish this year.

Horselink is a local non-profit founded by our client, Julie Puentes. Horselink envisions a world that appreciates and benefits from the horse~human relationship. They have an upcoming retreat and monthly workshops designed to be fun and empowering. No riding is involved and no horse experience is necessary.

Our team is here help you stay on track.

Please reach out to your DMR team member if you have any questions about any of the above-mentioned tax deadlines. It’s our mission to provide clear direction and steady support as we help you close your books for 2023.

We wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2024!

Thank you for choosing DMR Accounting & Consulting!

We’d love to highlight your business via our DMR Facebook page as well in our newsletters. Please contact Carrie Jareed, our Virtual Client Services Coordinator at, or reach out to us via DMR Client Solutions.

DMR Accounting & Consulting – Our Purpose and Values

Our company-wide initiative of cross-training ensures that you always have seamless service. This training takes place at no charge to our clients. This is another way we go Above and Beyond for you.

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