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  • Clear Direction, Steady Support  We meet people where they are, demystifying the accounting process, gently eroding fears, and transforming lives from floundering to flourishing.
  • Invest in Your Success  We expect all stakeholders to take ownership of their part co-creating our mutual success.
  • We’re 100% ALL IN – We treasure all our relationships. We show up fully, powerfully, honestly, collaboratively and courageously.
  • Teamwork makes the Dream Work – We recognize our interconnectedness and the power of a positive and nurturing environment. We call forth and celebrate the highest potential of all.
  • Above & Beyond – We deliver exceptional, comprehensive solutions in an accurate, responsible and pro-active manner.
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Recent Posts

Goodbye Summer & Small Biz Strategies

It’s been a scorcher here in Austin and we are ready to say so long to summer! We hope you made it through the heat and I know everyone’s looking forward to cooler weather this fall.

Client Highlight…

We’re kicking off our fall newsletter by celebrating The Davies Collaborative‘s 10 year anniversary! Our wonderful client is an award-winning architecture firm that has grown steadily over the last ten years with their multi-family, mixed use, and residential projects. We are thrilled and honored to support their business operations and wish them many blessings and continued success! 

Make space to focus on your business…

Do you need support creating a budget? Do you need to let go of transactional work that isn’t helping you grow your business? 

Here is a personal letting go story here at DMR Accounting: 

My inbox had over 200,000 emails – I dreaded checking my email – everyday. In the last few months, I finally accepted support with managing my emails and am now down to under 100 emails in my inbox. 

Accepting help took a tremendous weight off of my shoulders and allows me to focus on the most important messages. 

I highly recommend not waiting until you are overwhelmed and under pressure to accept help. 

As a reminder, our team is available to help enter transactions, reconcile accounts, or help prepare budgets. Please talk to your primary bookkeeper about how they may be able to take administrative tasks off your hands so you can focus on YOUR business instead of working IN your business. As owner/CEO, your best work is done at the strategic, big picture level, and not with the nitty-gritty details (our team’s specialty).

Additionally, here is a great article with strategies for balancing work and family. I’m a firm believer in the third suggestion…Live by your calendar. It takes time to slow down and plan, but life certainly runs much more smoothly when you are organized and have a plan! 

Tax Deadlines…

For your convenience, here is a list of the upcoming deadlines:

Schedule with me to prepare for year-end…

I would like to meet with all clients before the end of the year for tax estimate purposes. Click here to schedule a meeting with me. If you are a YES! client, this meeting is included in your program and it’s very important even if you haven’t attended your previous monthly meetings.  Please do not wait until November/December to schedule, because my calendar will fill up as the holiday season starts.

Our team is here for you!

Please reach out to your DMR bookkeeper if you have any questions about the above-mentioned deadlines.

Thank you for choosing DMR Accounting & Consulting!

We’d love to highlight your business via our DMR Facebook page as well in our newsletters. Please contact Carrie Jareed, our Virtual Client Services Coordinator at, or reach out to us via DMR Client Solutions.

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