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We are a values-based accounting and consulting firm in Austin, Texas. Our team culture differentiates itself through our self-care, the highest-quality customer experience, and a results-driven collaborative work environment.



Clear Direction, Steady Support – We meet people where they are, demystifying the accounting process, gently eroding their fears, transforming their lives from floundering to flourishing.

Invest in Your Success – We expect all stakeholders to take ownership of their part co-creating our mutual success.

We’re 100% ALL IN – We treasure all of our relationships. We show up fully, powerfully, honestly, collaboratively and courageously.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work – We recognize our interconnectedness and the power of a positive and nurturing environment. We call forth and celebrate the highest potential of all.

Above & Beyond – We deliver exceptional, comprehensive solutions in an accurate, responsible and pro-active manner.

Are you looking for part-time work?

Have you worked in accounting either in industry or public accounting and got burned out with long hours and too much stress?

Here’s the ideal opportunity for you!

We are building a smart, talented, professional accounting and bookkeeping team that loves the details but also loves work/life balance. We help our clients in a proactive manner plus our culture of self-care, flexibility, and gratitude is the secret to our success.

If this sounds like you…apply here!

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CPA/ Manager of Accounting & Bookkeeping Operations

Classification: Part-time /non-exempt
Salary: $30 – $50 /hour
Hours: 20 – 30 hours /week

Reports To: Deidra Mills Ryan, CEO


The Manager of Accounting and Bookkeeping Operations is a hands on, detailed orientated position, supervising real-time operations and the development of a flexible, engaged, solutions-orientated team. Resources are used to achieve above and beyond customer satisfaction, productivity, profit, and the achievement of our Core Purpose. This leadership position manages the team performance.

Essential Functions:

  • Communicates with Deidra Mills Ryan (CEO) to ensure smooth coordination of client activity; the achievement of employee objectives; and the delivery of P&L results
  • Translates the DMR Vision and Core Purpose into team objectives
  • Performs client accounting work, both project based and ongoing monthly bookkeeping
  • Models professional, forward thinking
  • Supervises the daily activities of the Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • TeamAnalyzes and recommends staffing mix to best accomplish DMR objectives
  • Communicates areas of accountability and performance expected of personnel assigned via semiannual DMR performance review standards
  • Recommends salary adjustments, transfers, promotions and dismissals
  • Ensures proper training of personnel assigned, including cross training and succession planning
  • Develops individuals for future advancement
  • Spear heads accountability across the DMR team
  • Responsible for ensuring the standardization, documentation and quality control of current and ongoing client work processes
  • Effectively resolves cross-functional issues making sure they are harmoniously integrated
  • Identifies potential problems. Develops and enacts contingency plans as needed; trouble shoots; escalates and directs activities during problems. Creatively provides input for future process improvements
  • Reviews ongoing performance results evaluated against DMR performance objectives. Takes corrective action as needed
  • Participates in weekly Good Morning Stand-Ups, monthly DMR Team Meetings and our annual strategic planning processes
  • Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established DMR policies to achieve the objectives of this position
  • Maintains favorable working relationships with company employees by ensuring effective communication and feedback to maximize employee morale, productivity, and efficiency
  • Projects a favorable image of DMR to promote its aims and objectives
  • Keeps CEO promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance and takes prompt corrective action where necessary
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as required or requested

Technical Competencies:
1. QuickBooks Desktop; QuickBooks Online
2. Excel proficiency
3. Bill.Com, Right Networks helpful

Professional Competencies:
1. Problem Solver
2. Highly focused on customer service
3. Integrator, Decision Maker, Executor
4. Team Player
5. Great communicator, Spanish speaker a plus

Working Environment: Monday and Wednesday work in the DMR office. Potential to work remotely.

Physical Demands: Ability to sit or stand as required. Requires walking primarily on level surfaces. Ability to reach above the shoulder or below the waist, and be able to lift15 pounds using proper lifting techniques.

Travel: Limited local travel is expected with this position.

Preferred Education and Experience:
1. Texas CPA
1. 2-5 years public accounting experience
2. 2-5 years accounting manager or controller experience
4. Start Up/ entrepreneurial experience

Other Duties:
Please note that this job description is not designed to contain a comprehensive listing of duties or responsibilities for this job; these may change at any time with or without notice.


Recent Posts

Are You Building a Support System for Yourself?

This time of year and into January is a very busy season for most of us both professionally and personally. To prepare for the coming weeks, I’d like to offer a few suggestions for you to maintain balance during a time that can feel overwhelming.

The foundation for true success in business is self-care and the support system you create for yourself. Where is your business if you are not in good health? It is imperative that you to take care of yourself in order to keep revenues flowing and clients / customers happy.

As I look back, one of the first ways I began to incorporate self-care was to get a housekeeper. Returning to a clean home after a long day at work meant I could spend time with my family or working on my own business. It was a small, but consistent, way to give myself some space and time for relaxation and reflection. I would have otherwise spent this valuable time and energy cleaning rather than working on what is most important to me.

Physical Support

What is one small way that you can give yourself more support? The idea of a housekeeper may seem high-end, but perhaps it’s possible through a trade-off. What if your daily Starbuck’s treat could be pared down to once a week? That opens up $20 a week for you to put towards something that offers more lasting effects.

self care, support system, office space, ideal office, physical support

When I first started my business, I did most everything on my own. I was still employed at another firm for the first year while my venture began. After many years of building my own practice, I got to a place where I could begin outsourcing. One thing I sorely needed was an update to my home office. (My home office allows me to better balance my family and work roles.) This is where I spend a good portion of my day and where clients come for in-person meetings, so it is about both self-care and having a professional setting in which to work.

Instead of trying a makeshift solution by asking an employee to help me improve and organize, I invested in a professional decorator and a professional organizer. Both professionals helped me sort through the clutter that had built up, and together we created a beautiful space I can be proud of and gives both me and my clients a relaxing, peaceful setting to make work enjoyable.

There are many other ways for you to create a personal and professional support system – these often complement each other. It could be a book club, a professional group or creative circle such as Carolyn Scarborough. It could mean investing in a marketing professional or creative coach.

Mental and Emotional Support

Are you surrounding yourself with positive people and energy? It makes a huge difference in your overall outlook. I remember sharing with someone that I joined a belly-dancing class, and they commented that I must be doing it to lose weight. While I was hurt that the first thing they considered was weight loss, I responded with the truth. I chose this class because it was relaxing, different, and a whole lot of FUN! I joined it so I could feel better and try something new.

Make a mental note of the naysayers around you. Be aware of underhanded compliments. The highly critical person may think they sound really smart, but they are really lacking in emotional intelligence. They are draining you of good positive energy. I challenge you to consider moving away from those with energy draining ways.

Also, be aware of negative self-talk. It is sometimes more detrimental because it comes from within.

People Support, Support Systems, self-care, professional development, DMR Accounting, Austin TX

Surround yourself with positivity, and find places where you can spread a positive outlook with others as well.

A few questions to ask: Are you offering those around you thoughtful, constructive commentary? Are you the positive energy that draws people in and supports them and gets this support yourself? Perhaps you are the one who needs to adjust your language to be more uplifting and solution-oriented? As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Accordingly, you are what you attract…here is a clever 7 step illustrated process of How to Use the Law of Attraction to gain more positive energy into your life.

Create Support Systems for Yourself

Remember that YOU are the center of your business, and not the product or service provided. What is good for you is ultimately good for your company growth and development. Creating a support system for yourself is ultimately good for the success of your company.

Your support system is based on your needs – from your physical space or physical body to your emotional balance and spirituality. Reflect on what you may need to keep joy and balance in your life, because it is what will keep the business running.

I’m a huge proponent of self-care, and I have worked hard to incorporate these concepts into my work and life. This concept of creating a self-care system was first introduced to me by life balance coach and speaker, Renee Trudeau. I’ve attended her retreats, and the ideas really resonated with me. Renee shares her self-care practices on her website and through events. In a post from earlier this year, she talked about the 5 Self-Care Practices for Uncertain Times.

Spread the Holiday Cheer with Self-Care

As we head into the holidays, consider if you are surrounding yourself with positive energy and positive people. We live in a society that rarely stops to reflect and demands instant feedback or response. From a professional standpoint, that can create stress and anxiety and ultimately detract from your greater purpose. Caring for yourself is truly the first choice in caring for your business and your clients.

Happy Holidays. Wishing you much peace, love and prosperity now and in the new year!

DMR Holiday Card, Happy holidays, self care, DMR accounting



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