Our Team

Accountability, ethics and conscious business begins with people.

DMR Accounting & Consulting team members offer a new level of values for managing your financial future. Each brings years of consulting experience as well as an understanding of how the integrity of a firm impacts their clients. It is this integrity that sets DMR apart from the rest.

We invite you to meet the DMR Accounting & Consulting team

DMR Accounting & Consulting Team

Deidra Ryan, DMR Accounting and Consulting, Texas Accounting, Austin TX Finance Consulting
Deidra Mills Ryan, CPA founded DMR Accounting & Consulting - Solutions for Conscious Business, a Texas CPA firm, in 2008 out of a desire to provide clients with non-traditional CPA firm specialized care in their day-to-day operations.

Deidra Ryan and her team support business owners by building a bridge between being intimidated by accounting and being empowered by it. She is the founder of Fearless Accounting and DMR Accounting & Consulting. 


Nayana Shahane, DMR Accounting and Consulting, Austin, TX

Nayana Shahane joined DMR Accounting and Consulting in July 2017. She brings fifteen years of experience working with small businesses. In her role as the Operations Manager, she provides ongoing improvements to the company's internal processes including marketing, human resources, and CRM.


Carrie Jareed, Client Services, DMR Accounting & Consulting

Carrie Jareed joined DMR Accounting and Consulting in June 2018. She brings more than twenty years of experience working with companies both on-site and virtually. In her role as the Client Services Coordinator for DMR Accounting & Consulting, she provides customer service support and onboarding for new clients.


Dianne Szabo, DMR Accounting and Consulting, Austin, TX

Dianne Szabo joined DMR Accounting and Consulting in August 2019. She earned her BS in Computer Science with a minor in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University and has worked in the corporate sector for over 10 years. Additionally, she’s become familiar with architectural and construction accounting through past and current client work including managing the finances of her own construction company and multifamily real estate. Dianne is passionate about learning and enjoys studying economics and astronomy. She loves traveling with her husband and daughter.


Courtney Schacherer, DMR Accounting and Consulting, Austin, TX

Courtney Schacherer joined DMR Accounting and Consulting in December 2019. At that time she also graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Computer Science. Courtney has three years of bookkeeping experience assisting a property management company. She enjoys the detailed nature of this work and helping clients to have a clear picture of their financials. Courtney enjoys spending time with her puppy and gardening in her free time.


Elsie Meyer, DMR Accounting and Consulting, Austin, TX

Elsie Meyer joined DMR Accounting and Consulting in November 2021. She completed her Associate degree in Accounting and Bookkeeping in May 2022. She enjoys the exact nature of the accounting process and working with small business owners. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family, playing board games, and taking road trips to visit National Parks.